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"Ottawa-based gospel group makes their debut with a beautiful album"


Talented, inspired, innovative, dedicated... Dynasty M, a christian musical group that has its base in Ottawa, Ontario Canada. It is, first and foremost, consisting of servants of God, Rosine, Nathalie, Carine, Céline; who are also sisters from a family of twelve (12) children, family Minga, originating from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).  

At the early age, assisted and coached by their father, Ferdinand Camille Mbengele Minga (a painter, architect and designer),and their mother, Anna, who was a former chorist, they managed to cultivate a passion for music. Later, more precisely in Brazzaville-Congo, they begin their journey in church choirs where they learned to sing and play instruments.

​Arrived in Canada with their so beautiful and harmonious voice and with a gospel/R & B touch, they share the gospel of God and defend


social causes through music, while having the ability to sing in different languages (Lingala, Swahili, Tshiluba, French, English and others) in various cities in Canada.

Known on the African and French-Canadian scene since 2005, when they first appeared on the 1st edition of the African Festival in Montreal, the Minga sisters write and arrange their own songs. In the same year, the group opened for L'Or Mbongo Lema, and also assisted several churches and received the award for Best New Group Award from CAADI (Welcome Center African Development and Integration), an organization that promotes integration in Ottawa.


Dynasty M has collaborated and shared stage with several artists including Herléo Muntu, a rapper-songwriter who admired their talent and creativity, and invited them to participate on his mini-album "God" and on two other more albums that followed ("R-Leo" and "Le lion des Bantous") in which two members of the group participated (Rosine: on both; Nathalie: Le lion des Bantous).

Their debut album entitled "Rain of God" was released on November 19 and is available in stores and on all digital outlets. Dynasty M is still the subject of several invitations to events both ecclesiastical and cultural.


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