Wife and mother of two, Celine was born on July 12, at the seventh position. She is the eldest of the Dynasty M sisters. In her early childhood , she enjoyed the choir of her church. This prompted her to express these words: " One day, I ​​would want to sing for God and that through these songs, souls would be saved. "


Years later, she decided to join the choir at a local church during her stay in Brazzaville. Once in Canada, Céline continued to praise God by joining her sisters in the choir. On stage, she forgets the outside world and glorify only the Lord. Céline is not just a singer but she can  compose songs and is an intercessor.

It was during her time of intimacy with the heavenly father that she was inspired words that bless his people. We must also admit that Celine has a voice that penetrates the heart and makes you cry (as her relatives say). Ultimately , Celine loves to serve God and spend time with her precious little family.



Born on August 16 in Lubumbashi (DR Congo), Carine is the eighth in the family and learned to sing with the help of her sisters, Rosine and Nathalie who assisted her to improve her voice.


During her stay in Ottawa, she was very involved in her local Church by being part of the Administration division. Carine attended Monseigneur Bokoleale High School in Kinshasa and detained a degree in Social Sciences and Communications from Ottawa University. She was also president of a community organization in Ottawa. Her passion for communication led her to be a radio host, and she also hosted social activities as well as religious (christian) conférences. In 2010, she moved in Montreal and continues to serve God at The Source of Life for the Nations Church (SVN), where she is an active member of the Communication Team.

Professionally, Carine is a Consultant and help people with job search and recruitment for companies. She often said that with the social service and the Lord, there is nothing more interesting than helping a person in all aspects of their life, through the work done with Dynasty M.





Born on November 30 in Congo , the tenth of twelve children, Nathalie is a complete artist (painter, ceramicist, interior designer, singer and songwriter at the same time), and is the second lead singer in the group. At an earlier age, she pursued her secondary education in ceramics at the Institute of Beaux-arts in Kinshasa. She would spent hours humming songs with her sister Rosine, while cleaning the house. She could easily distinguish the instruments played in a song and together they would also imitated their sounds. By doing this, she now has the ability to arrange their songs with such ease.

During her stay in Brazzaville, although shy by nature, she took courage and let the gift come out by enrolling in the local church’s choir. It was during that time that she began writing some songs. Years later, arrived in Canada, the dream continued and she then took some guitar lessons and pursued her courses in painting. She got married in 2006 to Moise Mudimbi and they have two (2) children, Faidah and Akil.In 2010, she obtained her post- secondary diploma in Interior Design at Algonquin College. 


Still shy but unrecognizable on stage, there is nothing she wouldn’t do for the glory of God. She partake on Herléo Muntu project, Réflexions (2013) as the voice of the voiceless to spread awareness on the endless war that the Congo still faces.


What to say when hearing her sing or seeing her in her occupation, if not to give glory to the Almighty for the grace and the gifts she has given her. " Busy or not, nothing will separate me from the love of God towards me and vice-versa", she said.



Lead singer Rosine is born on March 14 and is the eleventh in the family but the baby of the Dynasty.  As far as she can remember, she always felt the desire to sing burning in her since childhood. She joinged her local church's choir and timidly learned to play piano. As a result, despite the fact that she co-writes songs, she is actually the one that creates beautiful melodies on the piano.


Rosine is unrecognizable on stage andcan leave you without a word and really expresses herself for God. She’s a very energetic and enthusiastic person. It is impossible to go unnoticed when you have such a beautiful and heartbreaking voice like hers. This caused her to be requested to participate in various records albums and musical arrangements with some local  artists, such as:Jean -Pierre Walelo (La Resurrection, 2006); Martin Kadianga Wolf (Mosungi, 2006); Shabani couple (Grace divine, 2005) and Herléo Muntu (R.Léo, 2007; Le lion des bantous, 2010; Reflexions, 2013).

She attended Lycée Dr Shaumba High School at the in Kinshasa, is a graduate in Public Relations and is currently enrolled in Social Communications at St Paul University. She is the kind of person who loves to give back to the community. She was a member of several community organizations.

"I know that nobody is perfect and that none of what we do is. But at least it's worth trying to achieve perfection. Especially when it comes to God and that is what he wants us to do", so she says ...